Update April 30, 2021: works accepted during the Winter Open Call will be published throughout the  summer and autumn. If additional funding is granted, a Summer Open Call for more artistic visual and written works will be organized in July and August.

Winter Open Call for stories, articles, photography series, artworks, poems, graphics, and comic strips:

Helsinki Nature tells the story of the rich nature in Finland’s capital city and how local nature is connected to climate change, climate mitigation, and climate adaptation. Helsinki Nature encourages residents to celebrate local nature and enables them with tools and knowledge to affect these issues – on a personal level through lifestyle and through the political process of decision-making and planning.

Helsinki Nature is a campaign and project that collects existing knowledge on local nature and its climate connections, creates new knowledge on the topic, and communicates this knowledge to a broad audience through social media and other channels. Helsinki Nature will tell this story to all local residents and is especially interested in reaching and empowering youth.

For the Winter Open Call, Helsinki Nature is especially interested in works connecting the above themes to the upcoming municipal elections held on June 13, 2021. Submissions might be critical, creative, investigative, humorous, or something completely different.

Helsinki Nature is guided by intersectional feminism, decoloniality, nonoppression, and deep ecology. We hope to receive proposals from people of diverse genders, language, culture, and other minorities, and a varied age group.

Please send your proposal (including requested fee) and a possible sample(s) of your work to hello at helsinkinature dot fi by March 14, 2021 at 23.59. Include in your email's subject line "Winter Open Call 2021".

Between four and six works will be selected during the Winter Open Call. Helsinki Nature is prepared to pay fees of 100 - 450 €, including all possibly relevant taxes and related costs.

Works will be hosted on this website and shared on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Update March 5, 2021: deadline extended by one week and fee ceiling raised by 200 €.


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